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How to fix CentOS 7 does not poweroff or reboot (GURUB2)

BIOS Requirement

  • Make sure your BIOS is supporting ACPI
  • If you can: Configure Max CPU C-State to C7 (Read More)

Install ACPI

# yum -y install acpid systemctl start acpid systemctl enable acpid

Use acpi=force

Add acpi=force to the followin line to /etc/default/grub

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”crashkernel=auto rhgb quiet acpi=force

Some users reported: “When acpi=force was added to the altoptions line, it powered down correctly, but when Restart was subsequently selected, the system also powered down on that and did not restart. For Restart and Shutdown to correctly work, I had to place both acpi=force and reboot=warm on the two kernel lines.”

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