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From today on, your e-mails can be stored by the intelligence service

Swiss citizen voted on 25.09.2016 to give the Swiss intelligence service more opportunities to observe individuals on many levels. Today, the new law about the possibilities of the Swiss intelligence service comes into effect. Be aware that following is now officially possible without your knowledge:

  • Cable monitoring. The NDB can monitor Internet traffic between Switzerland and the rest of the world.
  • Algorithms filter search terms, suspicious is automatically reported to the Swiss intelligence service
  • Health. Hospitals must provide any information when requested by the Swiss intelligence service – the doctor’s secret has been eroded by the data exchange.
  • At home. The Swiss intelligence service can penetrate, search and bully private rooms.
  • Automobile. The Swiss intelligence service can bugify cars with locating sensors and create motion profiles.
  • Leisure. The Swiss intelligence service is now allowed to use drones and satellites in addition to monitoring devices and cameras.
  • Authorities. Authorities such as tax offices and residents’ checks are required to deliver data to the Swiss intelligence service, from today on schools, public transportation and transport companies must also provide information.
  • Workplace. So far, only watching, filming and listening allowed. Now the Swiss intelligence service can be install trojans as well and can overtake computers and telephones.
  • Server abroad. Foreign news services can also deliver data to Switzerland within the scope of automatic data exchange. Data in so-called clouds are stored abroad and can be viewed by the local news services.

… and do not forget, this is just because the country has to protect you.

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