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Issue with adding physical adapter to virtual switch

After a fresh installation of vmWare ESX 6.5 Update 1 with release date of 2017-07-27 i noticed that i can not add a second uplink adapter to any vSwitch within the Web GUI. When I go to the vSwitch and I try to add an uplink I get an error message displayed: “There are no free physical adapters to attach to this virtual switch“. In my case i had serveral correctly recognized  HP 560SFP+ 10Gbit/s adapters available.

As a solution i had to update the ESXi Embedded Host Client aka the Web GUI on the host.

a) Download the latest esxui (v1.24.0 at time of writing, esxui-signed-7119706.vib)
b) Enable SSH on your ESXi host
c) Upload the .vib file to your ESXi host by using WinSCP, for example to /tmp/
d) Connect to your ESXi host by using PuTTY
e) Update the esxui by using following command
# esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/esxui-signed-7119706.vibf) If adding a new uplink adapter is not instantly possible then reboot your host.

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